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Web Design

Your website is often the first port of call for customers to your business so it’s important that not only is it prominent to your audience but that is attractive, engaging and effective. From the ‘look and feel’ to the way it works – including logo and banner design, copywriting, photography, search engine optimisation, social media integration and hosting – Tidal Studios ensures that your web design is the most important aspect of your marketing palette.

Responsive Web Design

Attractive & engaging websites

Your site needs to make an immediate impact. Logo design, branding, memorable straplines, colour schemes, images, creative effects and video all need to harmonise to appeal and captivate. We can use our copywriting expertise to produce unique, informative and relevant text for your site so that it’s both engaging and optimised for search engine rankings.

Responsive web design

Your site will dynamically adjust to best suit the device – desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile – it is viewed on. With an ever increasing percentage of internet users using mobile devices, you can be sure your site retains its impact as well as being favourably ranked by the major search engines.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

CMS: Content Managed System

Your site’s content, including text, images and videos, is editable by anyone with administrator access. We can provide documentation, group and one-to-one tuition in managing your site.

Social Media integration

Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn pages, amongst many others, can easily be linked both to and from your website. You can display feeds from your Facebook or Twitter pages as well as easily share news items and announcements from your site to your social media accounts.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

Search Engine Optimised

The structure and content of your site is optimised according to the latest search engine algorithms, in particular Google Search and Bing (which made up over 90% of the UK’s market share in 2016). Every site is also verified with Google and Bing and is published on Google My Business, Google+ and Google Maps to give your site the best opportunity for search engine ranking from the off.

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