Print Design

Even in these days of digital media, print design still has a potent resonance and relevance. Creative composition, evocative colour palettes, strong imagery, imaginative layouts and inventive use of text can combine in a multitude of ways to produce something very tangible and long-lasting.

Our first-hand knowledge of modern digital and litho printing methods and commercial reprographic experience means that your printed materials – brochures, leaflets, booklets, flyers,  posters, menus, invites, mailers, wedding stationery, postcards, greeting cards, business cards, stationery – are always designed to go through the printing process with quality, accuracy and within budget.

  • Print design | Horizon Homecare sales brochure
    Sales brochure for Horizon Homecare
  • Print design | Safetytread Brochure | Bell Plastics
    Safetytread product brochure for Bell Plastics
  • Print design | Lighthouse Sales Brochure
    Lighthouse property sales brochure

Brochures, manuals & annual reports

Whilst your website might be the initial introduction to your business, a sales brochure provides the chance for you to put something tangible in front of your client, to communicate your products and services and to signpost the next steps for your customer. A creatively designed and visually persuasive brochure becomes not just an object of beauty but a permanent reference point, a statement of purpose and a valuable marketing tool.

Sales brochures, product portfolios, manuals, annual reports: all have a purpose but all should be reflective of your brand and increase an affinity with your client base.

Magazines & newsletters

Despite the proliferation of a multitude of media channels, the appetite for print hasn’t gone away and many audiences still prefer a publication that can be read at their own pace. Periodical magazines still have an audience and can bean effective way to strengthen brand loyalty and to increase sales. Tidal Studios can not only design and print publications but also help create a mix of informative editorial and marketing promotion content.

  • Tidal Studios | Print design | Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
    Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
  • Tidal Studios | Print design | Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
    Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
  • Tidal Studios | Print design | Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
    Lifestyle Living magazine for CRL
  • Print design | Isle of Purbeck Brewery newsletter
    Isle of Purbeck Brewery Newsletter
  • Print design | Horizon Homecare flyers
    Horizon Homecare flyers
  • Print design | No 27 Therapy Room flyers
    No 27 Therapy Room flyers
  • Print design | Walton Dog Walking Flyers
    Walton Dog Walking flyers
  • Print design | Old Brick Pizza Company posters
    Old Brick Pizza Company posters

Mailers, flyers & posters

Mail drop leaflets are still an effective way of communicating with an audience and an attractive design and simple call-to-action can often prove successful. Flyers are more personal, usually handed out in person or from display holders in targeted locations. Posters provide an immediate impact usually at the point-of-sale but can be displayed across a wider area to publicise forthcoming events.

Event programmes

Tidal Studios has produced a number of festival programmes and guides to be available for visitors to events. These usually contain a timetable of acts, a location map and helpful advice for festival-goers. Whilst reinforcing the brand identity, a programme also needs to be easy to use and handy to carry; they also make ideal momentoes.

  • Print design | Wilkswood Reggae Festival programme
    Wilkswood Reggae Festival programme
  • Print design | Bankes Arms Beer Festival Programme & Tasting Notes
    Bankes Arms Beer Festival Programme
  • Print design | Starz Business Card
    Starz Diner ‘Pop-up’ Business Card
  • Print design | Corner Restaurant Business Cards
    Corner Restaurant shaped Business Card
  • Print design | Scott Arms & Jerkshak Business Card
    Scott Arms & Jerkshak Business Card
  • Print design | Sarah Abbott Gardens Business Card
    Sarah Abbott Gardens Business Card
  • Print design | Horizon Homecare Business Cards
    Horizon Homecare Business Card
  • Print design | New Miltan Business Cards
    New Miltan Business Card

Business Cards

A well-designed business card will get you noticed and, even in these days of mobile communication, it’s often the first opportunity that your brand has to make its mark. Tidal Studios treats the design and production of our business cards with the same care and attention as anything else we offer. Our cards are in full colour on a thick 450gsm silk card with a soft touch lamination to keep them smart and seductive.